Good food. Responsibly.®
So Much More Than Just a Tagline.

“Good food. Responsibly.®” speaks to the way Smithfield Foods approaches business every day. We value the trust that consumers place in our market-leading brands for their great taste, outstanding quality, and value. And with today’s population nearing 8 billion, we are working harder than ever to provide families around the world with nutritious, delicious, and affordable food. We also are working hard to find innovative ways to accomplish that — through new products and processes while being ever mindful of the impact our operations have on the planet. It’s our responsibility…and our promise.

Smithfield sponsored The FEST Watch Parties this year! There are over 300 watch parties across the country tuning into The FEST @home! Check back later for some pictures of those parties – thanks to our friends at Smithfield!

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Meals are so much more than what you serve. It has kept our days full of flavor, gave us time to nurture our mind, body and souls. To hope together. To eat together. Until we can all be together.

Nathan’s Famous
Only in America can people with great differences get along famously!

Before you open your eyes, at Smithfield we’re busy slow-smoking. We hand select and hand trim. We gave birth to flavor, which you’ll find in every bite of our naturally smoked bacon!

A family date night in = great memories together!

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