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Every year, The FEST begins its journey as an act of faith.

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Since 2001, The FEST has inspired tens of thousands of people throughout the country to live a life of faith and service to the Lord. Each year, The FEST begins its journey as an act of faith. We start with an empty field and very few resources. Through faith, the grace of God and the goodness of sponsors, vendors, attendees and donors like you, we are able to create a Glorious day of Faith and Family – all for free!

The FEST brings the Gospel to life through the music, games, and so much more – at The FEST, families pray together, vocations are discerned and people experience the love of Christ and joy of community – all while being able to listen to National Christian bands for free.

Please consider making a donation to The FEST today. Your donation will be used to continue to inspire thousands of people throughout our country and right here in our local community.


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  • 440-943-7662
  • Text “GIVE” to 25827

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  • FEST 2020 Raffle
    28700 Euclid Avenue
    Wickliffe, OH 44092

“It is hard for me to describe the feelings that I get from the FEST…uplifting, faithful, personal, thankful, together, the words just are not big enough. You get feelings like no other…renew, rejoice, RETURN for another FEST next year. We are all a piece of the puzzle, we all have a purpose.”

Marcia A.

“It is amazing being surrounded by such beautiful people and such positive, encouraging and healing words.”

Gina F.

“Everything, everything, everything. Much thanks to all the organizers, volunteers, from the top down. Amazing day.”

Pete D.

“There are so many blessings from start to finish. This was my second FEST but being surrounded by Christian people young and old present for a day of unity and praise. It’s intensely beautiful and born in a genuine generosity rare these days. Thank you to all those who donate, volunteer and sponsor this truly awesome in God event.”

Marjorie L.

“All the bands were awesome. Enjoyed singing along to so many good songs. Love the atmosphere at the Fest ♥”

Jackie F.

“It was an AMAZING day. Inspiring, awesome, the bands phenomenal. What a day!!!”

Stephen W.

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