Attention Bulletin Editor:

We hope and pray you have been well and healthy these past few months! Our prayers continue to be with our entire diocese and region as we go through these difficult times. It is during these challenging moments that we cling to our faith and hope in the Lord. The FEST is one small day that offers people hope – and a vision of God’s glory – thousands of people coming together for prayer and worship. Please include the following announcements in your bulletin the weekends of June 13/14, June 20/21, and June 27/28. If you have any questions, or would like the announcement sent to you electronically, please email or call The FEST office at 440.943.7662. Please also check out The FEST website to download these announcements and logos electronically. Thank you for your support of The FEST! God Bless!

Father Bob Stec and The FEST Team

Weekend of June 13/14

The FEST – a day of hope and family when we need it most!

We are excited and blessed to announce that FEST 2020 is not cancelled! Instead, it will come to you ‘live’ from the comfort of your own home. We will be streaming FEST day with messages of faith and inspiration, songs from national Christian bands and so much more! We will have an engaging and interactive website where you will be able to experience and do all the things you love to do on FEST day – from crafts and activities to sponsor bags and more! Visit for more info!

Weekend of June 20/21

FEST Event Kits, Watch Parties and More!

We are working hard to assemble FEST Take Home kits that you can have to maximize your FEST experience! This will include all the favorite crafts, giveaways, prayer resources and more that you have come to love receiving while at the event! While watching The FEST online, you can also visit all your favorite areas – the Marc’s Moms Relaxation Station, Man Cave, Vendor Row, Sponsors, Kids Activities Area, Rosary Tent and Family Blessing Tent – all still available online… Stay tuned to for the info!

Weekend of June 27/28

Sign up to help out!

FEST 2020 is a little more than a month away, and we need volunteer help to assemble craft kits, put together giveaways, host watch parties and more! To get involved and learn more – visit It will still take hundreds of volunteers to make The FEST possible this year. Volunteers will get a free t-shirt and make this wonderful day of faith, family and fun possible.

Access FEST Logo Files, Photos and more!

We’ve created a folder where you can access current FEST logos, photos, ads, flyers and posters.  Feel free to download, print and pass out, email or include on your website and social media!