We are brothers and sisters – one family – in the Lord.

One of the gifts we can give to each other is to hold each other and our special intentions in prayer.

There’s a strength and peace that comes when we pray for one another.  If you have a special intention or prayer request, please complete the form below.

Scroll down to see special intentions and prayer requests from those in our FEST community. Please take time to hold them in prayer.

Prayer Requests

Please note, some requests are requested to keep private. We also use discretion due to the personal nature of certain intentions. If you do not see your intention below, don’t worry – we have received it and are praying for you.

For all of the thousands of healthcare workers on the front lines, as well as store employees who continue to be at risk by showing up to work to provide food and medicines for all in need, that God protect them and their families.

For 2 special request I hold deep in my heart. That I remember the Lord will guide them both and I will find the peace and continue to grow in my faith For an end to the virus and that all can find the peace of the Lord within there heart.

My families continued health thought this crisis along all of my friends and their families…also for Jan whose dad died on Sunday and Cathy’s continued success with her treatments…amen…🙏❤️

That my family will keep their ears and hearts open to God.

My mother passed away from an unexpected brain injury yesterday and on the same day we thought our daughter may not survive when she went unconscious and unresponsive like my mom. One in Ohio. One in Texas. Our daughter had emergency surgery and is recovering slowly. Her 3 kids and husband have been so lost. My mom is heaven. Please pray.

Rick suffering from cancer. The suffering people of the world. My children, jobs for my son Danny and David Dan suffering from multiple illnesses. Squeky and her brother Rich.

Please pray for my mother, Rosie’s healing. She has 3-vessel heart disease and starting to have Congestive Heart Failure. Please pray that healing may come upon her and may God protect her from inflicting complications. Please also pray for the soul of my uncle, Jim. May eternal rest grant unto him and let perpetual light be upon him. May he Rest In Peace.

Klik, Murray, and Springer families.

Prayers for my mom who is 96 years old and lives with me. Pray that she doesn’t get the corona virus. She doesn’t have the health or strength to beat it. And prayers for me that I don’t bring it home since I work at the clinic. And for my home health aids that they don’t bring it into my home.

Please pray for my nephew Steven’s Father, Gary A. in FL. Please pray for God to protect him to defeat the Covid 19 virus. Please Mary, comfort him while on the ventilator and in ICU and may he never feel alone, scars or abandoned. We ask you to help Gary to a quick and full recovery. Please give his son Steven the strength and courage to ask for your grace and to believe and trust in you on making hid Dad better. Bless his care givers to keep them healthy and perform at the best of their abilities. On Jesus name we pray, I trust you Jesus, Amen. Thank you all for your prayers on support of this request.

For a family friend’s 7 year old daughter, who is undergoing chemo for osteosarcoma during this difficult time.

Please pray for my father, who is recovering from a major stroke and has a long journey ahead of him. Also, for my close friend who has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. May they have peace, comfort and healing through Jesus infinite love and mercy.

Prayer for me to be able to take Tim’s cancer diagnosis and care for him with more joy than sorrow.

Pray for my husband, he is at southwest hospital.

One of my friends, her mother passed away this morning.

Please pray for my brother Jeff S. who has a brain tumor. He is in acute rehab to get back his speech and movement on the right side. We cannot visit him. We are in need of prayers. Thank you.

My court hearing for disability is finally here after a two year wait. Please pray that I finally get approved. I worked very hard my entire life only to end up in poverty due to unexpected illness (unless I get approved). God has continued to bless me despite my illness in other ways and I trust in Him for this.

For my husband, Ed, who has Alzheimer’s and has been admitted to a nursing facility. May our faith remain strong and may we find peace in the comfort of our Lord during these troublesome times.

Please pray for Chelsea, a believer who lives in Buffalo. Chelsea was walking and was hit by a police car that was speeding to a call. She is in the ICU with horrible injuries. She previously went on multiple mission trips and recently ministered to refugees in Buffalo. We are praying for a miracle for Chelsea.

Struggling with depression through this coronavirus. Feeling the evil and string divide in the world. Praying to be patient and faithful. Grateful for the opportunity to reach out for help.

For a friend. For a decrease in his pain as he deals with his terminal illness of chronic pancreatitis and a peaceful death.

Please pray for me to be stronger and calmer. In Jesus’ name, thank you, Amen.

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