The FEST Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a FEST 2021?

Yes — there will be a FEST 2021! This year, both an in-person and virtual format of The FEST will be offered! Currently, we are in discussion about final plans for an in-person FEST. Stay tuned for updates!

Will people gather in-person for FEST 2021?

Yes! One way or another, there will be an in-person component for The FEST! Currently, though, we do not know of the exact restrictions and limitations that will be in-place for the in-person component so stay tuned for updates.

Will the bands perform?

We have lined up 4 bands to perform online for The FEST 2021! Check out all of the bands!

Check back later for more FAQ’s and how The FEST 2021 will work! We will update this page as more details are set in stone.

We will continue to update this page so keep checking back for updates, or let us know if you have any questions that are not answered. Submit those questions here!


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