Thank you for your interest in volunteering!

Checkout the descriptions below to plan where you and your friends and family want to sign up together!

If you are working with a specific group, such as a church group or scout troop, please indicate that information on the sign-up form.

FEST 2019 online volunteer signup link coming soon!

General Volunteer Opportunities

Band/FEST Merch: Assist the bands in selling CD’s, t-shirts, and other products. Assist The FEST in selling FEST merchandise. (Adults only.)

Floater: Flexible people who are willing to fill in where there is a need. May wait in volunteer area for a short time until needs are known.

Food: Assist at a variety of areas, including the Brat truck or Executive Caterers. Help sell a selection of food items. These volunteers are appreciated and vital to the FEST, especially around dinner time!

Food Ticket Sales: Sell food tickets. Must be able to work with money and make change. (Adults only.)

Fresh Food: Assist at Marc’s Fresh Food Market, which sells fruit and a variety of snacks.

Greeter: Joyously greet those who are entering The FEST grounds and pass out literature.

Grounds: Help clean up during The FEST. These volunteers are vital to helping the FEST run smoothly all day!

Information: Friendly helpers who assist visitors of The FEST and help them find what they are looking for.

Kids’ Activities: Assist with young children’s crafts, games, and activities. Children remain with parents.

Moms’ Relaxation Station: Help out with one of our biggest attractions! Assist with giveaways, unloading bags, directing lines, and general organization.

Parking: Direct cars entering The FEST grounds and nearby lots, guide guests to bus shuttle stops, and assist with departure. We appreciate our parking volunteers for helping the day to run smoothly!

Pre-FEST Office: We always need office helpers for stuffing envelopes, making copies, laminating, etc. Office opportunities are available from May – August. During the week prior to the FEST, free lunch, dinner and daily Mass are offered to all volunteers.

Pre-FEST Grounds: Assist with set-up and take-down of the stage, booths, signs, etc. during the week prior to The FEST. Free lunch, dinner and daily Mass are offered to all volunteers.

Raffle Ticket Sales: Sell FEST raffle tickets during The FEST. (Adults only.)

Teen Activities: Get in on the action! These volunteers may help to oversee inflatables, sports activities, and other activities.

Volunteer Check-in: Friendly helpers who check volunteers in, provide t-shirts, and help volunteers find their specific job area.

Mass & Liturgical Volunteer Opportunities

Cantors & Lectors: If singing or public speaking is your gift, audition to become a cantor or lector for the FEST Mass! Audition information will be available this summer.

Choir: Join the choir that performs on stage praising God during the FEST Mass! Must be willing to attend several rehearsals prior to the FEST.

Eucharist Minsters: If you are a diocesan certified Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, we could use your help during the FEST Mass. Spaces are limited to the first 100 ministers who check in on the day of the FEST.

Usher: The ushers circulate “love buckets” to collect a free will offering during the FEST Mass, and assist with the flow at Communion distribution time. Ushers meet before Mass at 7:15pm in Issenman Hall, located next to volunteer check-in.