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FEST 2021 Raffle Winners

First Prize – $15,000 – Tony Zakrzewski (North Olmsted, OH)
Second Prize – $7,500 – Terry Dilisio (Solon, OH)
Third Prize – $5,000 – Liz & Dennis Sniezek (Elyria, OH)
Fourth Prize – $2,500 – Tina Cigany (Brunswick, OH)
Fifth Prize – $2,000 – Lowell Andolsen (Brunswick, OH)
Sixth Prize – $1,500 – Karen Barrett (Kent, OH)
Seventh Prize – $1,500 – Cath Spear (Chardon, OH)
Eighth Prize – $1,000 – Tom & Patty Cahill (Mentor, OH)
Ninth Prize – $1,000 – John Bandsick (Washington, PA)
Tenth Prize – $1,000 – Michelle Phillips Fay (Bay Village, OH)
Eleventh Prize – $1,000 – Janine Gehrisch (Mentor, OH)
Twelfth Prize – $1,000 – Mary F Zak
Thirteenth Prize – $500 – Sue Manning (Mentor, OH)
Fourteenth Prize – $500 – Dennis Evans (Brunswick, OH)
Fifteenth Prize – $500 – Vivian Wiley (Medina, OH)
Sixteenth Prize – $500 – Mary Ann Miller (Hilton Head, SC)
Seventeenth Prize – $500 – Tony Micheli (Columbia Station, OH)
Eighteenth Prize – $250 – Nicole Hudak (Brecksville, OH)
Nineteenth Prize – $250 – Donald Basch (Macedonia, OH)
Twentieth Prize – $250 – Beverly Cultrona (Mayfield Heights, OH)
Twenty-First Prize – $250 – Sue Golenberke

Marc’s Moms Relaxation Station Winners

First Name:Last Name:Winning
MarshallAdkinsPremium Pro Hair Beauty Basket ($125.00 Value)
MeredithAntalWasher Dryer Set plus Tide for 1 year ($4,000.00 Value)
RicoAponte$50.00 Visa Gift Card
DoriAshley$25.00 Marc’s Card
DebraAyres$50.00 Visa Gift Card
BrendaBeckettPremium Pro Hair Beauty Basket ($125.00 Value)
ShirleyBecvarWeber Grill E-310 w/premium Weber Cooking Sets (Total Value is over $650.00)
JimBianch$100.00 Marc’s Card
AmandaBocock$25.00 Marc’s Card
TracyBraho$100.00 Visa Gift Card
RoxanneBrooks$50.00 Visa Gift Card
KathyBrown$50.00 Marc’s Card
SierraBrown$50.00 Visa Gift Card
RussellBucholzWeber Grill E-310 w/premium Weber Cooking Sets (Total Value is over $650.00)
ChristineCarterPremium Makeup Basket ($100.00 Value)
TylerCarterPremium Pro Hair Beauty Basket ($125.00 Value)
AdamClaussenHealth & Wellness Basket ($75.00 Value)
JohnColtrell$50.00 Visa Gift Card
danConlery$50.00 Marc’s Card
KathyCooper$50.00 Visa Gift Card
SashaCorrea$50.00 Visa Gift Card
DianaCottrell$100.00 Visa Gift Card
AnnetteCrook$50.00 Marc’s Card
AnthonyDafonseca$50.00 Marc’s Card
AmberDelaneyCharmin for 1 year ($600.00 Value)
DanaDillon$50.00 Marc’s Card
SandiDonafee$25.00 Marc’s Card
Myrna DuvallDuvall$25.00 Marc’s Card
jackieEarhart$100.00 Marc’s Card
BobEdgell$100.00 Visa Gift Card
ChristinaFabec$50.00 Marc’s Card
JeffFannin$50.00 Marc’s Card
NormaFarahani$50.00 Marc’s Card
AmirFarahani$50.00 Marc’s Card
PamFarnamPremium Pro Hair Beauty Basket ($125.00 Value)
DianeFelle$25.00 Marc’s Card
TimFerris$50.00 Visa Gift Card
MarieFerris$50.00 Visa Gift Card
JosephFitchwell$100.00 Marc’s Card
HarveyFranklinWeber Grill E-310 w/premium Weber Cooking Sets (Total Value is over $650.00)
MaureenGarrity$50.00 Marc’s Card
LuisGhisliotty$50.00 Marc’s Card
CherieGlenny$50.00 Marc’s Card
RosemaryGoad$25.00 Marc’s Card
KimberlyGoebel$25.00 Marc’s Card
SteveGrabowski$50.00 Marc’s Card
LenéGray$50.00 Marc’s Card
StevenGray$25.00 Marc’s Card
BarbaraGubanyarHealth & Wellness Basket ($75.00 Value)
DonnaGuebel$100.00 Marc’s Card
LibbyHancock$50.00 Visa Gift Card
ValerieHansonHealth & Wellness Basket ($75.00 Value)
PaulHaver$25.00 Marc’s Card
KeithHaydu$100.00 Visa Gift Card
DeanaHaydu$100.00 Visa Gift Card
BrittanyHeffernan$25.00 Marc’s Card
RoseHeidWeber Grill E-310 w/premium Weber Cooking Sets (Total Value is over $650.00)
AshleyHendrock$100.00 Visa Gift Card
ChrisHrapko$25.00 Marc’s Card
MichelleIngramWeber Grill E-310 w/premium Weber Cooking Sets (Total Value is over $650.00)
DeloresIvanWeber Grill E-310 w/premium Weber Cooking Sets (Total Value is over $650.00)
BonnieJakub$50.00 Marc’s Card
SydneyJanka$100.00 Marc’s Card
SabrinaJefferies$100.00 Visa Gift Card
Natasha JohnstonJohnston$25.00 Marc’s Card
TheresaKelly$25.00 Marc’s Card
MichelleKoerper$25.00 Marc’s Card
MelissaKomlos$100.00 Visa Gift Card
AnnmorganKrueger$25.00 Marc’s Card
AngelineLabrado$50.00 Marc’s Card
KatrinaLappin$100.00 Marc’s Card
MargeLazar$100.00 Visa Gift Card
GiannaLewis$100.00 Marc’s Card
AlexLlolock$50.00 Marc’s Card
LoraMalenda$50.00 Marc’s Card
ShawnMansfield$25.00 Marc’s Card
Mary LouMarkowski$50.00 Visa Gift Card
Sanjuana MartinesMartine$100.00 Marc’s Card
SanMartinez$100.00 Marc’s Card
MoiraMcCarnagherHealth & Wellness Basket ($75.00 Value)
KristenMcCollum$25.00 Marc’s Card
KeltsyMcfalano$100.00 Marc’s Card
AmyMiller$25.00 Marc’s Card
DwayneMiller$25.00 Marc’s Card
MerledesMiller$100.00 Visa Gift Card
BrentMonnin$25.00 Marc’s Card
KimMoore$50.00 Marc’s Card
Mary AnnMoos$25.00 Marc’s Card
JanicaMorovick$50.00 Marc’s Card
RebeccaNovosel$100.00 Visa Gift Card
PatOehme$50.00 Visa Gift Card
PatPappas$25.00 Marc’s Card
JosephPerez Krywany$25.00 Marc’s Card
LeePetrelli$50.00 Marc’s Card
RickPierce$25.00 Marc’s Card
AliviaPinney$100.00 Marc’s Card
ElannaPogorelec-Lynch$100.00 Marc’s Card
BarbaraPugh$100.00 Marc’s Card
NancyRatteo$100.00 Visa Gift Card
TinaRedhead$50.00 Visa Gift Card
BillReynolds$100.00 Visa Gift Card
AdamRobejsek$50.00 Marc’s Card
PatRomano$100.00 Marc’s Card
IlyanaRosario$50.00 Visa Gift Card
MichelleRose$50.00 Marc’s Card
JeffRosenberg$50.00 Marc’s Card
RebeccaRudibaughHealth & Wellness Basket ($75.00 Value)
AnnSaksa$100.00 Marc’s Card
HollySaylorHealth & Wellness Basket ($75.00 Value)
TammySeiler$50.00 Visa Gift Card
JenniferShawHealth & Wellness Basket ($75.00 Value)
Mary LynnSibaWeber Grill E-310 w/premium Weber Cooking Sets (Total Value is over $650.00)
KarenSitek$50.00 Marc’s Card
AllisonSlutz$100.00 Marc’s Card
JennlenSmith$25.00 Marc’s Card
StephanieSmith$100.00 Visa Gift Card
PriscillaSosA$100.00 Marc’s Card
MarySpanyer$25.00 Marc’s Card
MichaelSpolar$25.00 Marc’s Card
WendyStaats$25.00 Marc’s Card
CherylStevanus$50.00 Visa Gift Card
CarlStout$25.00 Marc’s Card
AmberStrassler$50.00 Visa Gift Card
lindastrickler$25.00 Marc’s Card
VickieSwaisgood$25.00 Marc’s Card
BettySwartz$25.00 Marc’s Card
ElizabethSwisher$50.00 Marc’s Card
RhondaSwisher$50.00 Marc’s Card
BrittanyThur$100.00 Visa Gift Card
NehvonTolbert$100.00 Visa Gift Card
EvelynTrohaWeber Grill E-310 w/premium Weber Cooking Sets (Total Value is over $650.00)
TinaVanvalkenburgh$25.00 Marc’s Card
NoreenVondraesek$100.00 Marc’s Card
AnnVoros$25.00 Marc’s Card
ShaneWalter$25.00 Marc’s Card
JeannieWawrzynski$25.00 Marc’s Card
TomWenger Jr.Weber Grill E-310 w/premium Weber Cooking Sets (Total Value is over $650.00)
KarenWertzHealth & Wellness Basket ($75.00 Value)
NancyWest$50.00 Visa Gift Card
AnnaWilson$50.00 Marc’s Card
NateYoung$25.00 Marc’s Card
TerriYursky$25.00 Marc’s Card
JackZink$100.00 Visa Gift Card
MikeZink$100.00 Visa Gift Card

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