A Million Lights!!!

Share a story, or picture, of how you received, or shared, the light.

Christ calls us to Be the Light! If everyone who joins us today at the FEST goes home and does 20 acts of kindness in the month of August, it will bring a million acts of light to our region. So let’s presume that not everyone will do it. If half of us go home and do 50 acts of kindness…simple, quick, thoughtful – to Be The Light – in the month of August, we will create a million lights. Imagine how much good that will do for our community. Our community will be so much brighter, happier and holier if each of us makes a commitment to Be The Light this August and always.

Be the Light!

Ways to Be The Light!

Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Ask someone you are not friends with how they are doing
  2. Pay for someone behind you in a drive thru
  3. Leave money on the vending machine for someone
  4. Let someone go in front of you in line
  5. Hold the elevator for someone
  6. Offer to take a shopper’s cart back inside for them
  7. Pack a snack or lunch for a coworker
  8. Water an elderly neighbor’s flowers
  9. Send a letter to a friend that means a lot to you
  10. Give a compliment to a stranger
  11. Do a chore without having to be asked
  12. Give your allowance to charity
  13. Mow your neighbor’s lawn
  14. Hold open a door for a stranger
  15. Hold your umbrella for someone else
  16. Invite a lonely neighbor for dinner
  17. Help carry in a neighbor’s groceries
  18. Make a surprise visit to see a relative or sibling
  19. Offer to watch your younger siblings for your parents
  20. Help your parents with the gardening
  21. Mend a quarrel
  22. Shop for a new toy and donate to a charitable organization.
  23. If homebound, pray for God’s children.
  24. Encourage a young person to believe in him/herself.
  25. Stay in Church a little while longer than usual.
  26. Gladden the heart of a child.
  27. Share some treasure.
  28. Seek out a forgotten friend
  29. Leave a note on a random car “Hope you have a Blessed Day”
  30. Donate food to Helping Hands/SVDP
  31. Donate socks, coat, hat, or mittens to a local shelter.
  32. Make cookies and take to someone special.
  33. Anonymously give flowers to someone.
  34. Surprise someone in your family or a friend with helping with chores or cleaning.
  35. Hide a dollar in the toy section of your local Dollar Store. Or… Drop a dollar where a child will find it.
  36. Send a Thank you note or card to someone in the military LetsSay-Thanks.com
  37. Let someone ahead of you in line.
  38. Drop an anonymous “Have a great day” card in a neighbor’s mailbox.
  39. Buy a co-worker lunch, coffee or a snack (or bring a friend a snack at lunch)
  40. Send an encouraging card to sick child through MakeaChildSmile.org
  41. Pick a cause that’s near and dear to your heart and donate your time to them.
  42. When you come across a two for one deal donate your free product to a local shelter or youth group.
  43. Pay for the person behind you in lines’ coffee.
  44. Volunteer at a food pantry or other organization.
  45. Compliment a random stranger.
  46. Pick up one bag of trash in a local park.
  47. Write letters for a local nursing home.
  48. Hold the elevator for someone.
  49. Cook dinner for your family.
  50. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a long time.
  51. Water your neighbor’s flowers.
  52. Put coins in an expired parking meter for somebody.
  53. Leave your server an encouraging note with their tip.
  54. Leave a positive message on a public bathroom mirror.
  55. Send a thank you card to your local fire station.
  56. Leave a treat in the break room at work.