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Alpha Village is The FEST’s best way to give back to the Cleveland area.

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What is Alpha Village?

Alpha Village is a movement. It is a collection of organizations from across our region committed to serving those in your neighborhood.

Who is Alpha Village?

Alpha Village is a collection of churches, non profits, businesses and other organizations from our area. This effort is being coordinated by Saint Ambrose Parish in Brunswick and the FEST.

What does Alpha Village do?

Alpha Village is committed to performing minor home repairs, landscaping and neighborhood clean ups. In the future we hope to connect local residents with local non profits who can help them with their daily and long term needs. The goal is to lift up a neighborhood at a time.

Where does Alpha Village work?

Alpha Village is currently serving in the Ohio City area, on W. 48th St.,  but hopes to expand its service as the effort and ministry grows.

This idea, started in 2013, has now gained the momentum it needs to make a sizable difference in the neighborhoods surrounding the Ohio City District of Cleveland. As Cleveland has been making significant strides in terms of entertainment, arts, culture, and industry, certain aspects of the city have been overlooked. One of these is the improvement of impoverished areas. This is where Alpha Village comes in.

The goal of Alpha Village is to build up the communities surrounding Ohio City, specifically near St. Rocco Parish. This area is filled with diversity and culture, and with a few simple steps, you and The FEST will be able to do make an incredible, visible difference. The way to get involved is simple! Get a group of friends, colleagues, or an organization you’re involved with to sponsor a house in this area. From there, the opportunities are endless — your group could decide to do a slight home renovation, help improve the landscape of the house(s), pick up the grounds, paint the interior rooms, etc. The aim is simply to make the community a safer, happier place. Imagine what a difference we can make TOGETHER to improve the quality of life in the greater Cleveland area.


In order to make ALPHA Village possible, we need sixty parishes, organizations, and/or businesses to get involved.

Learn more about the details by contacting:

Jake Bihari at

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