Zoo Animals at The FEST

Watch God’s amazing creatures in action!

Special thanks to our friends Cleveland Metroparks Zoo for sharing these videos with us! 


Meet this herd of almighty alpacas! Did you know that alpacas and llamas are completely different animals?


Meet these large and ferocious animals. The leopard is the most difficult to catch and the most secretive in the wild.


Did you know that elephants are the largest living land animals? Elephants have enormous trunks and ears that make them special and help them in the wild!


Did you know that giraffes grow up to 15-20 feet tall? Here you can have some close-up fun with the giraffes from The Cleveland Metropark Zoo! 


Meet these ginormous creates, the gorilla! Gorillas are one of the closest living relatives to a human, sharing 95% of DNA!


Enjoy an up-close and personal video with one of the koalas from The Cleveland Metropark Zoo! Koala’s are very sleepy animals and fussy eaters! 

Red Panda

Meet these adorable animals from the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo! Did you know that Red Pandas are not actually Pandas? These furry little animals are more closely related to raccoons than to the well known black and white pandas.


Did you know that rhinos are the second largest land animal in the world? Meet these gentle giants from the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo!

Sea Otter

These are some outstanding otters! They love to slide off embankments into the water, wrestle, chase their tails and participate in other fun games. Join them at the Cleveland Metropark Zoo! 


Have you ever seen a tiger up close? If not, here is your chance! Meet our friend from the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo! Fun fact: tigers are the biggest species in the cat family.

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