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We could not do it without YOU!

You allow thousands of people to experience a day of faith, community, and worship that many have never seen before. Many lives are changed because of the FEST, and we owe much of it to you, our volunteers! Know that you are in our prayers every single day, and we thank God for the blessing that each of you are to the FEST!

In Christ,
The FEST Core Team


  • Check-in for all volunteers is in the field house. (See the map below).
  • Please check in at least 30 minutes before your first volunteer shift.
  • Your shift assignment will be mailed to you in July along with a brief description of what responsibilities you will have at your particular assignment.
  • Every volunteer who works the day of The FEST receives a free t-shirt. Our t-shirts tend to shrink in the wash, so if you’re worried about fit consider going up a size.


Ways that you can help:

  • Be a part of FEST set up starting Tuesday before the FEST. Help us build the stage, set up the grounds, and stuff bags. There’s something for every age group to help with. Any time you can give is  greatly appreciated! Please call to let us know if you can help! 440.943.7662
  • Help pass out the free give-a-ways at the end of Mass – call us if you’re willing!
  • Stick around after the FEST for a little while to help with clean up.
  • Join us on Monday or Tuesday following the FEST to help tear down the stage and grounds. We need all the help we can get!


Volunteers…the backbone of the FEST!

You are the face of the FEST!

In order for the day to be a success, please keep in mind the following things:

  • The FEST is a vision of our Church—alive, dynamic, and welcoming to all!
  • You are acting as a representative of the FEST – always be kind and courteous to guests.
  • Familiarize yourself with the map of the grounds and the schedule of events on your lanyard so that you can answer basic questions.
  • It is important that you report to your assigned shift on time.


Liturgy Volunteers

  • If you have any role in the Liturgy (choir, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, usher, lector, etc), please check-in at the field house before 6:00 p.m. You will receive a name tag and a volunteer shirt.
  • The Choir is meeting at 7:30 PM at the SIDE of the stage where you will sit for Mass; you will receive specific information about getting on the stage at our rehearsal (DATE TBD). Remember that we have to wait for the entire stage to be set for Mass – all the plants, chairs, instruments and bleachers placed before any choir members can enter the stage.
  • Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion need to check-in at Volunteer Check-in (field house) to receive their station assignment tag for Mass. This is on a first come, first serve basis. Only 100 extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion are needed.
  • Ushers will gather at 7:15 p.m. in the small gym of the field house (Volunteer Check-in) with Leslie Smudz.
  • Lectors and Servers need to attend the Liturgy rehearsal on Saturday, night before the FEST, at 7:00 p.m. On Sunday, day of the FEST, meet at the dining tent at 7:30 p.m.


At the Center for Pastoral Leadership (CPL)—same place as the FEST. We will meet inside the founders room. (28700 Euclid Ave. Wickliffe, OH 44092). Call 440.943.7662 if you get lost or need further directions.

Please bring water and your FEST music.

All cantors need to be at the Saturday sound check!

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Safety Information

Safety is our #1 priority at the FEST. You can help us keep everyone safe by doing the following things:

  • Make sure you know where both first aid booths are located
  • If you encounter a lost child, escort them to a first aid booth with another person
  • If you notice any major safety concerns, please notify one of the FEST Safety Crew or Core Team in designated shirts.

FEST Week Setup Information

There is something for everyone to help out with the week before the FEST! We begin our setup on Tuesday before the FEST and work from 9:00am until the evening. Lunch and Dinner will be provided. When you arrive, you must first check in at the FEST volunteer tent.

For Safety, please have the following:

  • Closed-toe footwear
  • Appropriate Clothing (Rain Protection)
  • Water

We suggest the following:

  • Sunscreen
  • Gloves
  • Sunglasses

The FEST Volunteer tent will also have additional sunscreen and water available throughout the day.

To work on setting up the stage, volunteers must be at least 15 years of age.

Be advised:  The building of the stage is an event which takes a lot of time, requires a great deal of concentration, and attention to detail – if a volunteer finds themselves without a task they should get check in with Hughie’s Supervisor to see if they can help. 

Volunteers need to check in first at the FEST volunteer tent, and the with the Hughies Volunteer Crew Rep, at the start of their day, and when leaving the work area! This will help us maintain a better flow of work. Please be aware that the work times can be long.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is food or water provided to volunteers?
Thanks to our good friends at Distillata, A bottle of water is provided for each volunteer when signing in at volunteer check. You are encouraged to bring your own water bottle for your volunteer shift or purchase additional bottles on the grounds.

Where do volunteers park?
Volunteers, just like everyone else, are welcome to park at any of the numerous FEST parking lots along Euclid Avenue. Multiple shuttles will be running continuously to the FEST main entrance.

What if I can no longer work my volunteer shift?
Please contact the FEST Office, at or 440-943-7662, so that we can find another volunteer to fill your shift.

Do you still have Questions?
See you on Sunday, August 5th!

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