WICKLIFFE, Ohio – More than 35,000 people are expected to attend the FEST on Sunday in Wickliffe.  A young woman from Northeast Ohio was selected as this year’s top inspirational story in the FEST’s “Project Overcomer” contest because she never quits and never gives in.

Lisa Marn was all smiles after a big hug from 95.5 The Fish morning host Len Howser.

“When we heard her story we were just inspired by the fact that she has tremendous physical challenges.  In spite of that she’s able to do so many things.  She lives a normal life like you or I,”  said Howser.

Lisa was born with cerebral palsy.  “Prayed hard. She prayed hard and God told her to enter,”  Lisa said through her personal care assistant, Angela Jones.

Lisa entered and won.  Lisa told her story of how she owns her own condo and lives independently.  She also wrote about her loving service dog, Anna, who has worked for her for 10 years.

In her letter in the “Project Overcomer” contest, Lisa says cerebral palsy does not keep her down.  “She talks about the obstacles to overcome and was very honest in her essay.  She talked about it’s not always easy, sometimes she cries and sometimes she asks, “Why?”  But at the end of the day she keeps pushing forward.  She wrote that if you don’t give up, you can overcome and you can have a great life,”  Howser commented.

Lisa, who has a masters degree in rehabilitation counseling, is the assistant director at Services For Independent Living.  She’s also an accomplished graphic artist.

“She doesn’t do this for praise.  She does it because this is what God wants for her,”  said Jones.

Original article can be found on News Net5 Cleveland http://www.newsnet5.com/news/local-news/oh-lake/project-overcomer-winner-named-for-the-fest