Speak Another Language?

Share your gifts within the FEST Mass this year!

Our liturgy team is looking for video auditions from second-language speakers as we seek to appreciate the diversity of our local Catholic Community here in the Diocese of Cleveland during the Universal Prayer of the Mass. Submissions should feature candidates who speak with clarity and diction and are comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people at Mass. The opportunity is not limited to those who already serve as lectors at their parish, but involvement as a lector is a huge plus!

If interested, please submit a video of yourself proclaiming the sample text below (first in English and then in the 2nd language you speak) to Mike at mhorvath@saint-mikes.org by Wednesday, June 20th.

Sample Reading:

Jesus Christ, fullness of peace, may your loving hands guide our world leaders, allowing them to pursue justice and peace among every people and culture. May they uphold the dignity of all life and recognize the beauty and goodness of Your creation. We pray…

Jesus Christ, fullness of mercy, we pray for all who have stumbled or lost their way, for those going through the physical trials of pain and addiction or the anguish of grief and despair; may they see the eyes of a compassionate and loving Father, calling them to a greater hope and a fullness of life and joy. We pray…