Is your family looking for a wonderful opportunity to benefit the FEST? Last year we began a program called FEST Families in which a family can serve as a liaison between your parish and the FEST office.  Through this experience, your family will provide information, updates, resources, and more for your parish.  This connection allows you to share your love and support of the FEST by reaching out to those in your church community and spreading the word about this incredible event!

Meet the Shell Family!

The Shell family was looking for an opportunity to give back to the FEST. Tim Shell, a third year candidate in becoming a deacon, and his wife, Sandi, have been part of the FEST for years; their children, Cari, a senior at South High School, Timmy, a Freshman at Benedictine High School, and Jonny, an eight-grader at Willoughby Middle, have been helping out with the FEST since 2007.  Last year, the Shell family became a FEST family to serve the FEST through their parish St. Mary Magdalene in Willowick. Cari explains that the experience “makes you feel valued, important- like you are making a difference”.  Through FEST Families, the Shells were able to give talks to the parish and encourage their friends and fellow parishioners to volunteer, participate, and ultimately come to the FEST. Jonny says “it’s a good experience…every year.” He adds “you get people you know to volunteer-  it’s fun!”  For the Shells, being a FEST Family presented a unique opportunity to witness the faith of the FEST’s hands. Sandi shared that their family worked with and was surrounded by “a group of great people on fire with their faith.  You can’t help but be on fire for YOUR faith.”

To learn more about FEST Families and how to become one, visit:

Hear more from our team members Caitlin and Patrick in the video below!

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