We are days away from FEST 2014 – Sunday, August 3, 2014.

This evening, I had the opportunity to be with three busy moms. I was sharing with them that I was coming
into my office to write one last invite to you and your family/friends to join us for this great day of Faith –
Family – Fun! I asked them what I should write. This is what they said…

“The FEST is a great day for my family. We are planning on coming and listening to the best band line
up yet. We’ve been coming for years and The FEST never disappoints. Every year it’s fresh and new.”

“Tell them that you’ve added more food, food lines, portolets and parking (all of which is true!!).
Tell them to go to the website and watch the great video about parking directions, food locations
and all the great things taking place at The FEST.”

“What I love about The FEST is that it’s easy….easy to park….easy to get in….easy to set up a place
for my family….easy to find my way around….I bring my young children as well and it’s easy for me to
have a great day.…fun and relaxed….with my family.”

I’m sure you can add your own insights and thoughts from your experience last year at The FEST. We are
hoping that you, your family and friends will join us at The FEST. We’ve been working hard to plan a great
day. The enclosed flier gives all the details. Our website is also filled with great information (easy to watch
videos, the day of newsletter which highlights all the details of FEST day, the food menu, and more).

Marc’s is back with over 150,000 give away items in the Mom’s Relaxation Station….better than last year.
We’ve added a Dad’s Den with a great Cub Cadet give away. There are amazing activities for children of every
age. All this and, in addition, the music…Third Day, Mandisa, Colton Dixon and for King and Country.

We promise a GREAT day. Please help us by spreading the word to your family and friends.

Hopefully, the three busy moms offered some good thoughts. Take a day for yourself and your family – all for
FREE – at The FEST. See you next Sunday in Wickliffe.

Father Bob Stec

P.S. Don’t forget to download The FEST app which will help you find your way on FEST day. And check out
Project Overcomer on the FEST website (www.theFEST.us).

The FEST App!

The 2014 app is ready to be updated or downloaded on your iPhone or Android phone! If you have the app from last year, visit the app store to get your free update! If you do not have the app yet click the links below for an instant free download or search thefest.us!