19808_10151350121128124_735001450_n76 Days and Counting!

Hello everybody- Amanda and Alex here as your FEST interns! We are so excited to be a part of the FEST team and one of our goals is to keep everyone informed about all things “FEST.” The wheels are already turning here and we will keep you updated as we progress over the summer. Check out our top ten reasons why we attend the FEST and why you should too!

10 Reasons to Attend The FEST:

1. Chosen: We would like to give emphasis to our FEST theme this year, which is…. CHOSEN. Fr. Bob Stec believes that this theme speaks for itself because it represents God choosing each one of us individually to participate, reflect, and gain an even better understanding of our faith. Fr. Bob gave inspiring words about this theme by saying, “Imagine how much different our lives would be if we felt honored and privileged to be individually selected by God. Picture God tapping each one of us on our shoulders saying, “I need you. I want you. I love you. You are CHOSEN.” A big reason to attend the FEST is because we are chosen by God to do so.

969401_10151649712583124_325564731_n2. Mass: This is definitely the pinnacle of the FEST experience.  At 8 p.m. just as the sun is setting, the main stage turns into the ultimate celebration of the Mass outdoors. It is truly inspiring and moving to join thousands celebrating their faith and praising God. The twinkling stage lights combined with the angelic vocals of the choir, and the masses of people kneeling before Christ is an experience you do not want to miss! Stick around after Mass and witness the finale of an amazing display of fireworks and receive a free glow-stick.

 3. FREE: One reason why no one should have any hesitation in attending on August 3rd is because the event is completely FREE! Yes folks you read it correctly…FREE. Doors open at 12:00 pm and it ends at 10:00 pm. Every person should feel the urgency to attend this all day event filled with fun, faith, fellowship, and family. Not only is there no cost to get in, after Mass every person will leave with a free item that will help one grow in their faith at home!

150673_10151274445233124_553092359_n4. Faith: The FEST is a one-of-kind event to celebrate our faith.  From the Mass, to confession, to live christian music and other prayer opportunities, the FEST has spiritual opportunities to connect with God. On the grounds of the FEST, grace is in the air you breathe. Come celebrate your faith and join thousands who were all CHOSEN by God to be in communion on this day!


1184826_10151688262888124_1653157684_n5. Something for Everyone: This is a day for the whole family. Children can enjoy tons of fun games, snacks, activities at booths, and watch a thrilling BMX show. Parents can get information from organizations represented from all over Northeast Ohio.  And bonus- there is a Moms Relaxation Station available for moms to take a break.  Teens can go to the youth rally, get volunteer hours for school, enjoy live entertainment, and check out schools represented at the FEST.  Everyone can enjoy listening to the bands and sticking around for Mass at the end of the day!


6. Volunteer: The FEST would not be a success without our large number of volunteers that help out during, before, and after the day of the event. The FEST has over 1,500 people helping in every area, ranging from helping with band setup, being a greeter throughout the day, or an usher before mass. Volunteering on the day of the event is an incredible feeling because it brings together a working community, all committed to increasing their faith and praising the glory of God. For this reason, we think YOU would be interested in signing up as a volunteer, TODAY.To see the full description of volunteer jobs, visit here. https://thefest.us/volunteer-job-descriptions/. We highly encourage all middle school and high school students who need service hours, to please choose the FEST as a way to complete these hours. Not only will you be doing an act of service for God and the entire community, you will be able to individually reflect on your faith by getting involved on this special day! If you are at all interested, please continue to read additional information about volunteer signups here https://thefest.us/volunteer/.

THIRD DAY7. Live Music: At this free event, we are excited to share the incredible line-up of the FEST 2014 performers. Our live performances will be unforgettable because they consist of: Third Day, Mandisa, Colton Dixon, For King and Country, and Lee Roessler. All of these artists have risen with great popularity over the years, and will be one of the main elements of entertainment on August 3rd! For a more detailed description of these artists please view here https://thefest.us/performers/. You also have the incredible opportunity to get involved with MUSIC by joining the fest Choir! Choir: Being a part of the choir, means that during mass you will have the best seat in the house! Join the choir to raise your voice with 200 other people during the mass. This year, we are having a new children’s choir so kids can sing along in the praise for the Lord! This is an incredible experience to pray twice in front of thousands of people.

 8. YOUTH RALLY: During the afternoon at the FEST, teens gather in the field house for praise, worship and adoration led by a featured artist.  Last year, two rallies held 1,400 teens on fire for their faith. This year, Lee Roessler Band will be part of the rally and we hope to keep expanding!  Join us in the praise of song in front of the Eucharist and hear a message directed to the youth.

Picture-2014-04-18-at-6.58.20-PM9. Raffle Prizes: The raffle helps make the FEST happen! It fits perfectly into our CHOSEN theme this year: YOU could be CHOSEN to win one of these amazing prizes. The grand prize is a new Car from Bedford Nissan or $10,000! Second prize- $10,000, Third- $5,000, and fourth- a paid vacay to Riviera Maya or Cancun or Punta Cana! Prizes are given through 25th place. Only 2,500 tickets sold at 100 bucks each. Plus, purchase before June 15th for the Early Bird Drawing and have the chance to win $500. The winners will be announced on the day of the FEST. Take this opportunity to give back and get the chance to be CHOSEN to win and share in the goodness and joy of the FEST. Your contribution helps bring together thousands of people for this wonderful day to share in faith.


10. Your Favorite Foods: Food is always a reason to attend- Come Hungry! Enjoy your favorite festival foods. Last year we had Johnsonville Brat Truck- the world’s largest grill! This year we will have even more food choices including wraps and salads, as well as quick food on the go!

BONUS: Quote from Father Bob:

“I love the FEST because it is a great model of Church.  It only happens when all of us do our part – give, share, help.  Together with God’s grace we create something wonderful – a vision of God’s kingdom.”


Be sure to share this incredible day, on August 3rd, of Faith Fun and family with everyone! Be sure to check in weekly for upcoming news about the FEST!


– Alex and Amanda-